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Lair of the Wulf audio book reading

Here is a link to the audio reading of chapters 1 and 2 in  Lair of the Wulf- click the link, and enjoy...

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Free Conan Short Story- Conan in a Stygian Jail

Just click this link, and there your story will be!  Whooo Hoooo!!

Conan in a Stygian Jail

A Barbarian in Chicago- Free Ebook for iBooks or Kindle reader

Here is the first chapter- it was released under the name Simon Stanton, but rest assured, dear reader: it is me, Jess Thornton. 

All you need do to receive your free ebook is to subscribe to my blog here, and mention which format you prefer- that's it!  I'll send the whole book right out. 

Who knows- you may want to read the sequel- "Lair of the Wulf" when you are done!

When all the trees have been cut down, when all the animals have been hunted, when all the waters are polluted, when all the air is unsafe to breathe, only then will you discover you cannot eat money.
It was bewildering to the boy.  He had been perfectly happy living in the northern wooded wilds for his entire life, hunting, fishing, trapping- It had been a great life.  Sure, his mother had been an idealistic hippie, but she had let him live the ideal boy’s life.  Since his father had been long gone, taking off on his Harley when Wulf was quite young, saying “I’ll be back soon,” (he hadn’t, ever!), …

The Queen and the King book sample chapters previewed!

I was sitting in my high rise office in the Hoeschler building.  My feet were on the desk, and as I admired the red tennis shoes that lay there in the b
right glow from the window on the top floor- I guessed that I had it made!  For how many detectives could say that their office was on the top floor of a high-rise office building in a metropolis?  Not many, I thought, blowing smoke in satisfaction up towards my art deco ceiling.
There was a knock at the door.  Standing, I went to open my frosted glass oak door from the 1930’s, admiring the lettering upon it- Jess Thornton Detective Agency.  The smoking revolver underneath always made me smile, and I hadn’t gotten any complaints about it, yet- but you never knew about people.  The door swung wide, revealing a small lady, with graying hair and the sweetest little face I had ever seen.  She looked like an aged Hummel!
“Are you the detective?” she asked smiling widely.  It almost seemed that she should be carrying a large shepherd’s crook…

My Afterlife novel- now available for preorder at 99 cents!

Preorder on Amazon til June 10 for 99 cents

Here is the start of the book:

I don’t really remember just when it happened, when I died.  I know it wasn’t a long time ago, but it wasn’t recently either.  I just knew after awhile that, although I felt pretty much as I always had, better actually, things were subtly different.
I mean, it’s not as if I really thought about life being a little odd; I mean we all kind of go about our lives as if on some sort of automatic pilot until something really important and different happens to us.  And really, most lives just don’t have that much really different that comes up, at least nothing out of the ordinary.  My extraordinary moment came about when I saw my old friend, my best friend really, Peter Hughes.
“Hi Pete,” I said happily.  I couldn’t remember the last time I had seen him, but when we were really young I remember seeing and playing with him almost every day of my life.  He had the same red hair and freckles that I remembered, and the sam…

Tomb of the Viking published!

Tomb of the Viking Here is the new book, available in both e-book via the Kindle, and also as a handsome print volume.  This is the fourth book in the Jess Thornton private detective series, and in this one Jess and his indomitable friend Alexander Blackdeer travel back to 1850 La Crosse, where they meet Nathan Myrick!

There is history, magical derring-do, and an encounter with a blue-eyed Viking...

If you know La Crosse, you will enjoy following up on cherished landmarks, but if you don't, you will know a lot more after reading this!
Tomb of the Viking

The New Book Nears Completion: Tomb of the Viking!

Chapter 2:

The phone rang then, and my idiotic fantasies were shattered, which was a good thing.  I looked at my candlestick phone, a reproduction of a 1930’s telephone, and listened to the antique ring.  I am a living anachronism, wishing that I lived in 1930’s La Crosse- and, in most ways, I am- kind of.  I drive an antique car; while not a 1930’s vehicle, a 1950’s Packard is still in my wheelhouse.  And, I dress in retro clothing for the most part, and try to ignore most of modern music and culture, since it all seems like a huge step downwards.
I answered the phone, but only after 2 rings.  I like to keep them waiting.  It was Alexander.
“Thanks for finally answering, Kemosabi,” he said.
“My faithful Indian companion!” I answered.  “I expected a smoke signal, but I guess this will have to do.”
“Wampum low,” he said, “firewood dear, but Obama phone free!”
Alexander was quite the kidder, since he deplored any government program, and especially those that were earmarked for a particular …